What Lunchboxes for Kids Can Bring to the Table


Lunchboxes are not just a means of transporting sandwiches.   They are a way of life for many school age children.  A lunchbox represents the essence of childhood.  It expresses a child’s individuality, what they enjoy and what interests them.  A lunchbox can become a talking piece, a way for children to engage with one another, building friendships.  There are few possessions that a young child has that will be showcased quite like a lunchbox.


School Days

Walking into class on the first day of school can be daunting.  Perhaps a parent is there to hold a timid hand or perhaps the realization that school is a new realm of growth causes a child to shun the parent to show bravery to their comrades.  Either way a child enters the classroom.  Their eyes meet with their teacher’s first and then scans the room of peers.  By lunchtime there is only one goal, to connect with someone, hopefully a potential friend.  The lunchbox is taken out of their backpack and set on the lunchroom table.  A glance around shows that there is a similar lunchbox sitting across from them, a friendship is formed, an eternal lunchbox bond.



After a year of smiles shared over apple slices and milk boxes, the inevitable happens.  Summer comes in all of its glory and backpacks are forced into closeted hibernation.  Before this ceremonious act however, the lunchbox is taken out of it to be rid of any leftover contents.  The lunchbox is set aside for a time, only to be resurrected for a family road trip, a picnic in the park, or a place to hold crayons.  Lunchboxes, for kids, can serve a multitude of purposes.


A New Year          

The end of summer brings fresh perspective and excitement.  A new year means the potential for new friends and experiences.  New clothes, new notebooks, a new backpack and a new lunchbox are purchased to reflect the new interests and growth of the child.  Back to school shopping has always been a symbolic and religious experience and lunchboxes for kids, are a beacon of hope.  Hope for a fresh start with the coming of a new school year.