American Home Styles Merge Modern Beauty with Efficiency


When it comes to new home design, Americans want modernity.  The modern American design blends together beauty and efficiency.  For modern design, one cannot exist at the sacrifice of the other.  When we think of what makes a home modern a few things come to mind; aesthetics, function and sustainability are what we gravitate to in modern American home styles.



Modern style means clean lines, easy to clean surfaces and top of the line features.  This doesn’t necessarily mean granite countertops and hardwood floors.  Americans are taking great measures to become more eco-friendly.  This means that recycled and repurposed materials can be just as appealing as the more expensive ones.  In fact in a lot of ways these materials have more charm without sacrificing the look of luxury.  Higher end features like stainless steel appliances are also, of course, a desirable look in the modern day home, but how well they function is really the key component.  The newer appliances are more energy efficient, which is really what makes them fit the modern style.



For most American families, function is high on their wish lists.  Box-like homes are a thing of the past, open floor plans are a must have.  Open floor plans make otherwise smaller spaces seem more spacious.  It allows for easier entertaining when the kitchen opens up into the living space and makes it easier to watch children while performing daily chores and cooking.  The layout of a home is really what can make or break a design.  Good flow is essential to modern living, but the floor plan is just one part of modern functionality. 



Sustainability is the biggest thing for modern home design in America.  This is what sets modern living a part from previous styles.  When builders focus on using environmentally friendly materials and choosing smarter construction methods, homeowners benefit greatly.  Details such as installing energy efficient windows can reduce the cost of heating and cooling for the homeowner.  This is just one example of sustainable design, but other high efficiency materials will also lower the overall cost of living.  Smart design is a must for modern homes in America.