Reasons I Became an SEO Content Writer


My name is Christa Shively and I am a freelance SEO content writer.  Perhaps you have noticed that I went to college for creative writing and you are now asking yourself how did she get into SEO?  The thing about writing for me is that I truly love it.  I love every aspect of it, whether it is technical or creative.  It only made sense that I specialize in a variety of formats.  I love what the written word is capable of, whether it is selling a product or opening the mind to new concepts, words are very powerful. 


How I Discovered SEO

My father always said that I should work smarter not harder.  For years I worked in sales and the service industry, doing freelance writing on the side, and struggling to find local clients for whom I could write newsletters or press releases for their small businesses.  One day the concept of Search Engine Optimization came up in a conversation among friends and that was the day I decided that we should all be working smarter rather than harder. 


Why SEO?

The concept of SEO is actually pretty simple.  You want content on your website that maximizes your odds of coming up when someone does a search for something that applies to your business.  This drives traffic to your website and the result is more business for you.  Perhaps you own your own dentist office in San Francisco.  When someone searches for “dentist San Francisco” you want your website to come up.  Though the concept is simple it is important to know what you are doing when you are writing the content for your website.  Think smarter not harder.  This is where I come in.


How I Can Help

As a trained SEO content writer, I can make your life easier by taking over the content portion of your website.  You will rest easy knowing that not only will your website bring in more business for you with it’s content, but also knowing that your website will be free of spelling and grammatical errors.  As a business owner you know that you spend enough energy making sure things are running smoothly with your business, why over exert yourself on your website too?  Let a professional SEO content writer take over and you will not be disappointed.